high-level checklist for performing technical diligence in evaluating M&A opportunities

  1. List out High-level Components
  2. What would our integration strategy be?
    1. Authentication boundaries
    2. Split milestones into Now -> Next -> Later
  3. Evaluating technology fit (Goal: Identify expertise and sustainability)
    1. What languages/frameworks
    2. What data interchange formats
    3. What deployment/packaging paradigms
    4. Team background/SME expertise
  4. Benchmark Comparisons
    1. Completeness (Rule coverage)
    2. Soundness (Efficacy against test projects)
  5. Identify bottlenecks
    1. Headroom & where saturation occurs
    2. How does it scale? Vertically vs horizontally, CPU vs Memory bound
    3. Self-managed instances and airgap support
  6. End user customization
    1. What interfaces are exposed
    2. Group vs Project scope
    3. Security Considerations
  7. “Is the product as-good-as or better than what we have today?”
  8. List of questions for team (or things I’m still unclear on)
    1. What choices did authors make and why? Less “TechX” and more “enqueueing system”